The 9th AKB48 General Election Statistics


The 9th AKB48 General Election is done, following are the statistics you may be interested, total votes: 3,382,368 votes (126,968 votes up). Sashihara Rino, as 1st place, got 246,376 votes (3,355 votes up), however AKB48 still remains the largest party with 25 members (5 members from Team 8) in Top 80.

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Tofu Pro Wrestling ep23 trailer

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Watanabe Mayu announces Graduation


AKB48 Team B member Watanabe Mayu announced her graduation from AKB48, she made the graduation announcement during General Election on 17 June 2017.

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AKB48 General Election 2017 Final Results


The 9th AKB48 General Election was held in Okinawa on 17 June 2017, the event determined the line-up of AKB48 49th single which will be released on 30 August 2017, and the finals results as followings:

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Nogizaka46 in SONY PROJECT REVIEWN Video


SONY official Youtube channel has uploaded a video to introduce their mobile app "PROJECT REVIEWN", it features Nogizaka46 members Sakurai Reika and Hoshino Minami and includes a LIVE video clip of their handshake event.

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Sakurai_Reika  Hoshino_Minami  Video 

AKB48 compensates Free General Election LIVE-Streaming for fans


AKB48's 9th General Election and concert were cancelled due to poor weather, AKB48 have solutions compensating fans who bought the ticket. For fans who have arrived Okinawa, they can access Chura Sun Beach to live-view vote counting (15:00 to 21:15).

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BS Sky Perfect TV General Election Broadcast New Arrangement


BS Sky Perfect TV official web site updates their AKB48 General Election 2017 Live Stream Broadcast details, due to bad weather, AKB48 cancel the morning concert, and the concert part will be replaced by "AKB48 group Request Hour set ist best 100 2017 (100 ~ 76)" instead, and the vote counting part will remain unchanged, it will be aired from 16:15 to 19:00 (JST).

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The 9th AKB48 General Election SP schedule remains unchanged


AKB48 official web site announces the vote counting operation will remain unchanged, it will be aired in FujiTV programme "The 9th AKB48 General Election SP" in 17 June 2017 (7:00 to 9:24 pm JST). 

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Tofu Pro Wrestling behind the scene video "OVER THE TOP" #11

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AKB48 decides to cancel 2017 General Election


AKB48 official web site announces they have make the decision to cancel their 49th single selection election vote counting event and the related AKB48 group concerts which are scheduled to be held in Chura Sun Beach, Okinawa on 17 June 2017.

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General Election may move Indoor Venue


If the bad weather affects the upcoming General Election operation, AKB48 may change the event venue into Okinawa Citizens Hall.

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Why AKS chose Okinawa as 2017 General Election Venue?


AKS picks Okinawa as their 2017 General Election Venue, and decides to setup an outdoor stage on Chura Sun Beach, this idea is a bit crazy, Okinawa is an island, the operation and transport cost are high, and weather factor are too unstable, according to ITMedia, this is because Okinawa local government and FamilyMart provide a vast resources for the event.

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AKB48 may cancel General Election for Bad Weather


A record-breaking heavy rain hits Okinawa, for safety, AKS announces they are negotiating with local related parties, and the 9th AKB48 General Election and the AKB48 group concerts may not allow on-site audience watching, if the condition is not safe. 

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The 9th AKB48 General Election TV CM


AKB48 official Youtube channel has uploaded the TV CM of their upcoming annual event "The 9th AKB48 General Election" (FujiTV version) on 15 June 2017.

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