Nogizaka46 16th single sold 950k copies


Nogizaka46 16th Single sold 14,834 copies at its tenth week, total sales of this single has reached 951,506 copies.

Original sources: ORICON NEWS

1st week (2016/11/21)  827,717 copies
2nd week (2016/11/28)  38,592  copies
3rd week (2016/12/05) 27,421 copies
4th week (2016/12/12) 9,841 copies
5th week (2016/12/19) 7,240 copies
6th week (2016/12/26) 12,419 copies
7th week (2017/01/02) 4,011 copies
8th week (2017/01/09) 3,569 copies
9th week (2017/01/16) 5,862 copies
10th week (2017/01/23) 14,834 copies

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Your title is confusing. Nogi sold 950k on first week? But on your article it says 10th week.

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agree with first post,
I saw first week sales, and I'm going.... "didn't even know they released a new single last week??"


I meant total sales, the title was wrong, I have revised.
Thank you for pointing it out

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