Keyakizaka46 fans complains Shimazaki Haruka


Former AKB48 member Shimazaki Haruka retweeted a news about HKT48 member Murashige Anna, who claims to be blackmailed by porn site, and comments "Saikou ka yo" (It is the best). However  Keyakizaka46 complained her and claimed "Saikou Ka Yo" is a phrase for Keyakizaka46 member Nagahama Neru and Keyakizaka46 fans only. 

Shimazaki Haruka explained to the fans that "Saiko ka yo" is HKT48's 8th single which was released on 7 September 2016, and asked the fans to listen to the song if possible.

By the way, Scrambled Egg Editor in Chief retweeted Shimazaki Haruka's tweet and comment "Paruru is the best".


Note1: "Saiko ka yo" is a famous phrase of Hiragana Keyaki (Keyakizaka46) member Nagahama Neru. 



Note2: "Saiko ka yo" is a slogan of Pizza Hut TV ads series.

Note3: "Saiko ka yo" is HKT48's 8th single's title. 

Note4: Murashige Anna claims she was a victim blackmailed by porn web site, she said she wanted to watch porn video while she reached age 18, but while she clicked a porn web site, and was asked to pay 50,000 yen or cancel the sign up by paying 420,000 yen, and she asked another member Miyawaki Sakura for help, Miyawaki Sakura told her it is a blackmail.

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Saiko ka yo (Lyric) - Stage48



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woww salty buggers

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Has LeBron been informed of the situation. Most think he is good with 1st world problems. I apologize but I have never heard of porn so expensive even without the blackmail. Keya fans need to have some Pizza Hut and calm down.

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Seriously?! What, had she applied for trademark on the phrase?! Do they own it on paper?! Smh at these fans.

Is this even serious?? Like, seriously?! When i saw the title i thought it was something so big but matter how many times i tead this, it's just stupid. so now it's forbidden to use saikou kai yo? I don't really care if it's neru's catchfrase or whatever but saikou ka yo is mostly known in the 48group and saka46 as HKT's single title. I love keyakizaka but this time, the fandom makes me feel like they're trying to make an excuse to blame someone -_-

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Paruru's agency trying to resuscitate her fame after her graduation, shameless.


these keyakizaka46 fans are getting on my nerves close minded keykitards, that fan is making their own fandom look bad lol how dumb

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i never thought that Keyakizaka46 fans were so picky.

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This has to be trolls? No way this is real.

Is it normal for a girl especially for an idol at age 18 publish to media that she wanted to open a porn site ? Couldn someone answer my question ?

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Lol, this type of lunacy is the reason the so called "normal people" look down on wotas. I means; trademark the damn phrase then. Hell, why don't these keya fans trademark the whole japanese language while they are at it, sheesh.

No one going to comment of murashige watching porn? Knowing her, it's probably the most kinky stuff the Japs has to offer.

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^pff it's just porn, everyone watches porn.. welcome to the internet.

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I respect freedom of speech, and, on the other hand, I hope people will also respect each other. Please mind your language.

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How can someone care about Murashige watching porn when she already had a scandal with a jhonny?

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