Wang Xin to Leave AKB48 Taiwan


AKB48 Taiwan Research Student Wang Xin announces she does not extend the contract with the management, and she will leave AKB48 Taiwan.

Wang Xin explains she is going to graduate from university in summer 2017, she thinks it is the time to plan her career, therefore she decides not extending the contract with the management.

Wang Xin passed AKB48 Taiwan Audition in August 2015 with other 16 candidates, however according AKB48 Taiwan Facebook fanspage, it is only 7 research students (including Ma Chia-Ling) left. In March 2016, mangament claimed they will setup sister group TPE48 in Taiwan.

Original sources: Wang Xin's Facebook post:

Wang_Xin  TPE48 


I have never heard of her before XP

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AKB48 Taiwan?? Wang Xin??

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How many years has Taiwan48 been in development? It is crazy..
I have the suspicion Taiwan48 is never going to happen. AKS just has no idea how to do business abroad.

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Didn't think the AKB Taiwan audition had research student after choosing Ma Chia-Ling????

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