NGT48 takes CROWN at Request Hour 2017


AKB48 group Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2017 (Day 2) took place on 22 January 2017 at Tokyo Dome City Hall, and the 1st place to 50th place of ranking was announced, NGT48's Max Toki 315-go was voted into 1st place.



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Happy for NGT, they deserve it so much! BUT it makes me angry that Yukirin ONLY remembers she is part of NGT when she can grab some nation wide screentime.

Yukirin is just a gimmick for NGT like she did in NMB. Also she has a lot of work outside the franchise

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I always read the "Yukirin have a lot of work" but never find her in more than a few magazine shoots.

NGT is still benefiting from Yukirin. Yukirin is there to help NGT get attention too. She isaid top senbatsu member with lot of fans that will go watch NGT bc of her.

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Yuki can do whatever she wants dude.

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Let's be real people - Yukirin is told what to do by management

I think older members have more freedom with their decisions. Yukirin is under Watanabe and agency girls got their own agency backing them. I don't think her missing some NGT stages are issues. She's busy as AKB top member and got her own works. She contribute other ways like drawing attention to the group or help sell handshake

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She draws 0 attention among Niigata/NGT fans tbh.

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NGT needs Yukirin more than Yukirin needs NGT. Yukirin is fairly well established herself that she doesn't gain much from NGT's kennin position. Management put her there mainly to first, bring some nationwide attention to the group, and secondly, help guide/babysit the younger idols. She already has a large nationwide fan base and a decent solo career, so NGT or NMB kennin work didn't bring much more benefit to her. The solo career is what Yukirin cares most about I think, since graduation is just on the horizon for her. On the second point, since she's veteran idol, she has much to teach to the younger girls. Her being there also set examples for the juniors to follow. Even NGT's theater manager acknowledges and appreciates Yurin's advises and input in his latest blog.

MaxTok is the best in 2016 season

This song is simply very good piece. And the center, c'mon, Yukirin does not really count in here. :)

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