AKB48Group Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2017 (51 - 100)


AKB48 group Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2017 (Day 1) was held in Tokyo Dome City Hall on 21 January 2017. Below are the ranking of 51st place to 100th place:

100) Oogoe Diamond (AKB48's 10th Single) 
99) 12 Gatsu no Kangaroo (SKE48's 16th Single)
98) Omoide Ijou (SKE48 Team S 3rd Stage Song) 
97) Temodemo no Namida (Team B 3rd Stage Song)
96) Taboo no Iro (HKT48's 7th Single Coupling Song)
95) Yume de Kiss Me (AKB48's Team A 7th Stage)
94) Hashire! Penguin (AKB48's 24th Single Coupling Song: Team 4)
93) Yumemiru Team KIV (HKT48's 6th Single Coupling Song: Team KIV)
92) Dakishimetai Kedo (NMB48's 2nd Album Song) 
91) Escape (AKB48's 34th Single Coupling Song: SKE48) 
90) Sakki Made wa Ice Tea (AKB48's 42nd Single Coupling Song)
89) Kibouteki Refrain (AKB48's 38th Single)
88) Itoshia no Accel (AKB48's Team A 6th Stage Song)
87) Gonna Jump (AKB48's 43rd Single Coupling Song: SKE48)
86) Arashi no Yoru ni wa (AKB48's Team B 5th Stage Song) 
85) Yume e no Route (AKB48's 44th Single Coupling Song: Team 8) 
84) Yowamushi Kemushi (AKB48's 6th Album Song) (Kashiwagi Yuki)
83) Maenomeri (SKE48's 18th Single)
82) Hito Natsu no Hankouki (AKB48's 37th Single Coupling Song: Next Girls) 
81) ONEW no Uwabaki (NMB48's Team N 3rd Stage Song)
80) She's Gone (AKB48 Team A's 7th Stage Song)
79) Kimi wa Melody (AKB48's 43rd Single)
78) KONJO (AKB48's 35th Single Coupling Song) 
77) Happy Ranking (SKE48's 20th Single Coupling Song: Ranking Girls 2016)
76) Kimi no Wedding Dress wo... (AKB48's 41st Single Coupling Song: Future Girls) 
75) Koi Yori mo Dream (SKE48's 15th Single Coupling Song)
74) Seifuku Bikini (AKB48 Team A's 7th Stage)
73) Fuyushougun no Regret (NMB48's 6th Single Coupling Song: Namba Teppoudai Sono Ni)
72) Tasogare no Tandem (HKT48's 6th Single Coupling Song)
71) 12Byou (HKT48's 5th Single) 
70) Happy End (AKB48's 46th Single Coupling Song) 
69) Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (AKB48's 32nd Single)
68) Cross (SKE48 Team KII 3rd Stage)
67) Ii Hito Ii Hito Sagi (SKE48's 20th Single Coupling Song)
66) Usotsuki na Dachou (SKE48 Team KII 3rd Stage)
65) Kimi no Hitomi wa Planetarium (AKB48's 33rd Single Coupling Song)
64) Suki! Suki! Skip! (HKT48's 1st Single)
63) Kimi Dake ni Chu! Chu! Chu! (AKB48's 33rd Single Coupling Song)
62) Zipper (Team N 3rd Stage Song)
61) Onna no Ko Damon, Hashiranakya (HKT48's 8th Single Coupling Song)
60) Choose Me! (AKB48's 15th Single Coupling Song: Team YJ) 
59) Romance Kakurenbo (AKB48's 5th Album Song)
58) LOVE Shugyou (AKB48's 31st Single Coupling Song)
57) Seifuku wo Kita Meitantei (SKE48's 18th Single Coupling Song: Dreaming Girls) 
56) Kafka to Dendenmu Chu! (AKB48's 40th Single Coupling Song: Dendenmu Chu!)
55) Shinka Shitenne Jan (AKB48's 45th Single Coupling Song: Next Girls)
54) Shortcut no Natsu (NMB48's 15th Single Coupling Song)
53) RESET (AKB48's Team K 6th Stage Song)
52) Densetsu no Sakana (AKB48's 45th Single Coupling Song: Undergirls)
51) Melon Juice (HKT48's 2nd Single) 


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