AKB48 NEW idol+Stock App "Aikabu"


AKB48 announces they will release a new mobile app "Aikabu", Aikabu is AKB48 group's official idol x stock market app which combined Idol and Kabu (Stock) two elements.

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Is this a game or you are actually buying 48g stocks?

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No no no, it's a game, were the girls themselves are the stocks, and the trade money on this case would be the popularity. I guess the idea is to be like a stock broker and get the girls up, the more popular they are, the more they will be "bought", and more the fame they will get. I'm pretty sure we will be having "AiKaBu Senbatsu's" with the most "expensive" girls on the game being part of it, kinda like on Stage Fighter. I don't know, in any case, i'm suuuper excited for this!

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This seems so fishy...

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Wonder the interest if AKB become a publicly traded company on the Nikkei Stock Exchange, I'd buy a few shares!

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i think that its because nogikoi great sucess to do money...



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