Tokyo Tarareba Musume ep1 got 13.8% TV rating


NTV TV drama "Tokyo Tarareba Musume" first episode was aired on 18 January 2017, according to Video Research, the episode's average TV rating was 13.8% in Kanto Region, Japan. Former AKB48 Team K member Oshima Yuko plays main character "Torii Koyuki" in the television drama.

TV drama Tokyo Tarareba Musume is adapted from same name Japanese romance comedy manga, which is written and illustrated by Higashimura Akiko and published by Kodansha since March 24, 2014.

Original sources: ORICON NEWS

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I watched "Sanada Jūyūshi" during my flight of return from Japan, on ANA. She was playing Hotaro, a female ninja. Good play. But it was only an accessory rôle, if I can say.
I wis her to have more first rôle play, because I think her acting is really good, and she can play lots of different characters.

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