Kuranoo Narumi once was HKT48 Research Student


AKB48 Team 8 member Kuranoo Narumi held her solo concert in Tokyo Dome City Hall on 14 January 2016. During the concert she told her fans that she once was one of HKT48 3th generation's temporary Research Students.

Kuranoo Narumi said she had applied for HKT48 3rd generation audition, however, before the audition, she wanted to apply another job as a kid fashion model, therefore she quited the application. Half year later, Team 8 starts recruiting, and on the same time she was impressed by HKT48 members Yabuki Nako and Tanaka Miku's performance, therefore, then she applied Team 8's audition.

Note1: HKT48 recruited 3rd generation in 2013
Note2: Team 8 recruited 1st generation in 2014
Note3: Kuranoo Naruma was a fashion model for JENNI
Note4: Kuranoo Narumi's Birthplace Kumamoto is very close to Hakata.

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The best among the solo concerts.

I really would like to See her in HKT48. She would have nailed the Ace

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