Photo of the Day (9 January 2017)


Each day AKB48 Daily picks a photo for you, along with a brief explanation.

Kinoshita Momoka and Matsui Jurina at Coming of Age Day 2017

Kinoshita_Momoka  Matsui_Jurina 


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Jurina looks so good in a Kimono

Seriously man?
You saw the photo and the first thing you thought about was jurina looks good in kimono?

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Some people think twice before commenting somewhere and don't post the first shitty thing they think about, you should try that too sometime.

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^ Might be true in some cases. Still, the first thing I thought was 'Momoka is so awesome' xD

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We are all used to Momoka ikemen by now so nothing new :)
And the fact that all the girls in the 48G love her, including our old GM Takamina :D

I like this photo of the day thing

I really like this series. Please share more awesome pictures.

I thought that this ceremony, like a formal kind of thing right. Serious moment and all that.
So this is the equivalent of wearing pyjamas to your work interviews,
Or wearing Crocs to a funeral.
Simply being down right disrespectful.

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Momoka is wearing a vintage Trainconductor uniform, tribute to her father who works for JR

So essentially, girls have to wear kimonos at this ceremony otherwise it's disrespectful... Nice to know that our fans still care about gender stereotypes...

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