Matsui Jurina Target No. 1 at age 20


SKE48 member Matsui Jurina particapted the coming of age ceremony which is for Japanese resident celebrates their becoming adult (at age 20), and she announced her target of age 20 is to be General Election Number 1 this year.

Matsui Jurina said Sashihara Rino and Watanabe Mayu took their first Crown of AKB48 General Election at age 20, thefore she wants to extent this "Jinx" (そのジンクスに続けたら).

Note 1: JINX means extenting the good tradiation in Japanese.  
Note 2: Sashihara Rino won 5th General Election at age 20. 
Note 3: Watanabe Mayu won 6th General Election at age 20.

Original sources: Crank In



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As a Jurina Oshi I do what I can in buying votes every year.
But since Sasshi said she will enter SSK this year that will not happen.

No one can touch Sasshi in SSK :)

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like a broken record...


As a fan of Jurina, I will vote for her this year too. But I think the goal you have set is difficult.
Sashi, Mayu, Sayanee are difficult rivals to win.

She should be making blood sacrifices. Ryoha and Lala a good start.

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Jurina and her obsession

nothing wrong with ambition. Mayuyu was saying the same when she was her age. Jurina have been in the group for awhile so people forget she's still young so right now her sight is still on that teppen dream. once she'll get older she'll focus on other thinges and won't care about center as much like Mayuyu did.

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It was Sayanees last SSK, and Jurina already beat her this time.
Mayuyu we don't even know if she will enter.

Jurina came 3rd this year which is amazing (Thank you Yukiriin scandal I guess)

But Sasshi cannot be beaten, she had more then double the votes of Jurina, and like 70k on Mayu :)

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To be honest, I don't think Jurina will Crown AKB48 General Election this year. She'll have to battle it out with Sayanee and probably Miion

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