Yokoshima Aeri announces Graduation


AKB48 Team B member Yokoshima Aeri announced her graduation from group during her birthday LIVE ceremony on 6 January 2017.

Yokoshima Aeri explained she had considered graduation since last year, though she loves AKB48, she wants to see things other than AKB48. She tells fans that she does not have a solid idea, but she will stay in showbiz industry.
Yokoshima Aeri is first generation DRAFT member, she joined AKB48 in 2013 through 1st 48G Draft meeting and got promoted to Team B member in 2014.




And so, another one leaves, this time is a draftee's turn. I'm not surpirsed though, the only one able to take off on that generation was Sayaya, at least on AKB. Well, the only left to say would be that i hope she does her best, Aeri it's such a nice girl.

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