Yamamoto Sayaka to participate General Election


In the interview after the 67th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen, NMB member Yamamoto Sayaka said she will prepare for AKB48 group General Election 2017.

Yamamoto Sayaka ranked No.1 in AKB48 group Kouhaku Dream Team in public ballot, and then she was asked if she will participate General Election next year (2017), she said she will prepare for General Election, she explained because she doesn't want people said she is just Kouhaku Dream Team No. 1 only.

Original sources: Nikkan Sports



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Sasshi, Yukirin and now Sayanee. Now we wait for Mayu.
Jurina and Sakura are probably crying in a corner, no shot at Nr. 1 for another year...

Also I have the inkling that everyone that said it was their last sousenkyo but haven't graduated till this years happens, will participate.

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This is just sad news..

lol the ones that said they're not participating are all joining again

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Pffft. Whatever. No one's really 'not joining' the SSK unless they're graduating in the near future, lmao

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imo telling fans they're not participating in the next sousenkyo is just some form of emotional blackmail so that fans will power vote them like crazy. watch em repeat the same words in the next 'senkyo after submitting their candidacy.

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tbh, if sayanee's album sold better, i don't think she will be in ssk next year. the number is good but not as good as yoshimoto hoped. let's face it; it doe not matter how hard or well j & ske does, there won't be any push from management. and the push will not stop for sakura & hkt no matter what happen. i think both jurina & sakura know that by now.

How is Sayanee going to top her appeal video from 2016???

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