Nakagawa Haruka graduated from JKT48


Nakagawa Haruka has been graduated from JKT48 on 30 December 2016, moreover, she terminated her contract with Japanese talent agent "Production Ogi". Nakagawa Haruka will stay in Indonesia.

Nakagawa Haruka joined AKB48 as a Team B member in 2006, and transferred to Team A in 2009. In 2012 Tokyo Dome Team Shuffle, she was appointed to be one of Team Kaigai (Overseas) member and transferred to JKT48's Team J on 23 December 2012, and then she was transferred to Team T in 2015.

Nakagawa Haruka made her graduation announcement on 27 February 2016, before her graduation, she was back to Team J on 1 December 2016, she held her Graduation LIVE Ceremony on 17 December 2016.


Reference: Production Ogi



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