Nogizaka46 Sales beat AKB48 in 2016


ORICON Style has revealed 2016 total sales of Japanese artists, Nogizaka46's total sales reached 7,437,000,000 yen, and their rival AKB48's sales was 6,947,000,000 yen.

TOP 5 Artists:

  1. Arashi (12,183,000,000 yen)
  2. Sandaime J Soul Brothers (8,256,000,000 yen)
  3. Nogizaka46 (7,437,000,000 yen)
  4. AKB48 (6,947,000,000 yen)
  5. Kanjani Eight (4,788,000,000 yen)

Original sources: ORION Style


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Nogi released an Album, AKB did not. The only reason.

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The Singles chart for 1 - 25 is a who's who list of 46/48 songs. impressive.

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The boost came from their All MV BR/DVD which was super expensive. It sold well.

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but nogizaka46 were really better this year... nice group.

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