Sashihara Rino to Participate General Election Next Year

According to Sashihara Rino and Mukaichi Mion's interview in Monthly AKB48 group News (2016 December), Sashihara Rino said she thinks she will participate General Election in 2017, and her target is going to win 3 in a row.

Sashihara Rino said it will be her last General Election. Moreover, Mukaichi Mion also implies another top member Kashiwagi Yuki will participate next General Election too.

Sashihara_Rino  Kashiwagi_Yuki 


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... god damnit sasshi

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for god's sake, really...?


Sasshi: "I was too op this year... better milk it while i can ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

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And my interest to election suddenly disappear..

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Does she have no sense of selflessness ^^"


Ambiguous :/

Darth Slacker

YES!!! - Anything to stop Jurina & SKE! I don't if Shinobu wins as long as it's NOT Jurina - Keep her out of the top 3!

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bad in my opinion... akb48 needs change, losting to nogizaka46 and maybe keyaki too.
No opportunity to sister groups with her...
Sashi must graduate...

Could someone tell me whats interesting about sashi ??? Until now i couldt not find anything interesting about her ? She couldnt sing or dance. Mayuyu or yukirin are more much better skills. Or perhaps she became no 1 just because she represent the "ordinary girl" type ? She just make akb senbatsu more borring

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I love Sasshi, but honestly I think this is too much :/ She already beat Acchan and Yuko by getting two No. 1's in a row, can't she see that this election will be boring to many people if she participates again?



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