48G NEW Female Wrestling Drama

It was announced AKB48 group will have their new TV drama "Tofu Pro Wrestling", it will be aired on TV Asahi at 21 January 2017.

Official web page:



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Sakura-lead and Jurina-lead AGAIN?! I'm so sick of seeing only those two leading every possible AKB48 project.


OH MY GOD!!!!! This is going to be so awesome!!!!! I cant wait to see Shimada in this! WakuWaku!!!

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^ HOLLY SHIIIITTTT!!!!!! IKR! I never knew I needed this. Shimada looks so badass. Man, I just found out about this and now I have to wait 5 weeks... crapola

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If only they could added Tanochan or Kinoshita with Shimada and Kaori. it would be perfect! overall, I can't wait to see Shimada and Yui in action

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