AKB48 new sister group: AKB48 China

AKB48 group management AKS announces on 10 December 2016. they will setup a new sister group "AKB48 CHINA" in China, new sister group will have their Theater, and other project with local media. Moreover, they will release their mobile app in Summer 2017.

Please note: AKB48 announced on 9 June 2016 that their former Chinese partner has violated their contract.


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Well, let the war begins...

Lol AKS is coming for you Snh

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time for some revenge lol


seem pointless.... AKS should be focusing on TPE48 or trying to get NGT a single before they think about making a Hokkaido 48

welcome back

after a couple of days without visiting the site, im glad to see you back Paul. Hope everything is ok.

Thank you

Long time no see, Guilherme. How are you? It is great you still read AKB48 Daily.

Hey Paul

paul, so great to know that this site continues.. hope you are alright.. well, a lot of shocking news while i couldn't get news about 48 groups, and some like this one or nishino's graduation really hit me hard..

anyways, welcome back paul!

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