Kojima Haruna x Muramoto Daisuke New Campaign for Kami no Te


Kojima Haruna (AKB48) and Muramoto Daisuke (Woman Rush Hour) will be MC of a new segment "Kami no Ma" of Fuji TV Show "#Hi_Poul", it is a campaign for the claw crane app "Kami no Te".

Audience can submit their "Kami no Te" prize request in "Tami no Koe" and SHOWROOM show, Kojima Haruna and Muramoto Daisuke will decide if the prize is suitable for the app. Kami no Ma will begin airing on 3 November 2016 (25:25 JST).

"Kaim no Te" is a 3D virtual crane app produced by Brangista Game. Though it is a project of AKB48 group producer Akimoto Yasushi, the prize of app is not limited to AKB48 merchandise.


Download the Kami no Te App
App Store (iPhone/iOS)
Google Play (Android)

Kami no ma official web page:
Kami no te official web site:

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Just like the snickers commercial, now he have money to eat is a tamed MC.

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