Tsuzuki Rika & Tani Marika win SKE48 "Passion for you" Voice Cast Request


SKE48 Passion for you" Voice Cast" Request final results have been announced on 2 November 2016, members Tsuzuki Rika and Tani Marika win the campaign, they will voice cast for Japanese RPG game STARLET.

Final Results
  1. Tsuzuki Rika (413,030 votes)
  2. Tani Marika (412,341 votes)
  3. Takayanagi Akane (320,958 votes)
  4. Kamata Natsuki (302,215 votes)
  5. Takatera Sana (236,504 votes)
  6. Obata Yuna (181,382 votes)
  7. Takeuchi Mai (61,563 votes)
  8. Suda Akari (61,540 votes)
  9. Matsumoto Chikako (55,385 votes)
  10. Nojima Kano (52,772 votes)

STARLET official web site

Tsuzuki_Rika  Tani_Marika  Game 


Back on track

FINALLY! Our beloved Tani gets some spotlight! Her high voice will fit the VA very well

No title

Too bad I will probably never get to play that game. xD

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