Keyakizaka46 Apology for Nazi-themed Costumes


Keyakizaka46 official web site issued a public apology on 1 November 2016, for their controversial military-style costumes. Japanese idol group Keyakizaka46 came under fire for performing in costumes resembling Nazi-themed German military costumes. 

Seed & Flower LLC and 46 series producer Akimoto Yasushi release an official statement to apologize and promises those Nazi-themed German military costumes will not be used again.

Original sources: Keyakizaka46

Keyakizaka46 participated Halloween event "Perfect Halloween 2016"in Yokohama Arena on 22 October 2016, but their Halloween cosplay costumes has sparked outrage on social media, people and even tabloids claim those costumes resembled the uniform worn by Nazi SS (Schutzstaffel) officers in World War II.

An international Jewish human rights organization Simon Wiesenthal Center expressed their disgust over those costumes and urges Keyakizaka46 producer and Sony Music to apologize over the use of Nazi-themed costumes, on 31 October 2016.

Original sources: Simon Wiesenthal Center¬oc=1


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Aaah, how disappointing.

Those costumes looked pretty good

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After WW2 the Vietnamese still have to deal with the French because apparently they've been living on French soil ... after that they still have deal with the US because National Liberation Front (vietcong) apparently are evil
Indonesia also still have to fight the allied after WW2 for their land

NAZI = allied same mo different target
While the allied only pick Asian-African sub-human as their target Hitler stupid enough to target white people

Till this day western people still make a fuss about how they're the victim but never say anything about the atrocities they've done
Every year we always hear how they got offended when the Japanese pay their respect to Yasukuni shrine

Do we Asian have the right to get offended to the British who still using the same flag when they're killing millions of people here???

This is such overeea

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This is stupid. I know the NAZI is evil and whatever. But this is just costume for God sake!

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Anything resemble Nazi theme, it touch the nerve of a lot of people. If sony is stupid enough to have their artist wear custom like that, they deserve whatever s**t storm they get.

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Lose the Eagle and no one would have seen any similarities. Just silly outrage police again.

It's not even Nazi themed. It looks like your general retro military concept that Keyakizaka have been using since debut. THe uniform underneath is a black ver of their SaiMajo outfit. It's just a bunch of western people overreacted and this ended up being blown out of proportion. It's like how they want Japan's google map to stop depicting Buddhist temple with the manji symbol that (ignorant) people can sometimes mistaken for Nazi's swastika, even though the manji symbol have existed long before Nazis and the Nazis stole it from Buddhists but now apparently you can't use it because of sensitive westerners.

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Don't even look like Nazi uniforms but commercial pilot uniforms right down to the stripes on the sleeves.

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