Kinoshita Momoka announces Graduation


NMB48 wild child decides to break free from the group. NMB48 Team M member Kinoshita Momoka announced to graduate from NMB48.

Kinoshita Momoka she made the announcement in NMB48 Theater on 29 July 2017, she explained why she made this decision, because she finds it nothing she can do as an idol. She did not announced her graduation schedule, nor her future plan.

Note: Kinoshita Momoka will participate NMB48's upcoming Asia Tour.

Kinoshita Momoka is NMB48 1st generation, she joined NMB48 in 2010, she is a non-traditional idol, she is famous for her Yuri character which she produced her Yuri calendar for NMB48, and her addiction to dye her hair (red ,pink, purple, blue, emerald green, aqua and etc.).   



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Goodbye NMB..... Her, Keicchi, and Sayanée are the reason why I started likely NMB

Gon miss her so bad

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