Suto Ririka's Last Live on MUSIC STATION


Suto Ririka performed her last LIVE in TV Asahi music show "MUSIC STATION" as a NMB48 member, while NMB48 performed their 3rd album new song "Masaka Singapore" in the show on 28 July 2017.


Suto Rirka will graduate from NMB48 at the end of August 2017, her graduation is controversial and attracts people's attention, because her graduation reason is going to get married. MUSIC STATION had a special arrangement and prepared a VTR for Suto Rirka.


Note: AKB48 group has an unofficial rule "Love Ban Rule" which restricts member from falling in Love.

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who cares.

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I don't give a FUXK

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I don't think that's an unofficial rule
In recent ep of consultation room from AKB48 show, Yokoyama Yui even say thanks to Okada Nana and Takahashi Juri for saying what she can't say at that moment

Apart from the rules its a very selfish action disregarding her fellow member, seniors and group just to safe her own face with a questionable honesty

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leave riripon aloneee v-406

I honestly think this is less controversial than Miichan's (which caused a huge uproar even to none fans) or any past scandal involving members get caught having a party,adultry, slept at guy's etc.
At least she admitted it before she got caught, tho it's true that she should considered the TPO. But her sin isn't any bigger than the others.

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--> bro above me

you've got a point bro..however, miichan's case was become an nation-scale incident because her bald video, if we think about that time: she did not shave her hair at a huge event and she did not steal the spotlight from another members.

This SR girl clearly on different level, she knows how to make a news-worthy material, but that is just not right... actually i am not her haters or anything... but i feel sad for the other members, like sayanee who did not participate in the SSK but ends up confused and being asked by a lot of people because of SR's action; mayuyu's graduation announcement which is became really sad because of the absence of the audience and fans + this SR action toppled it; Sasshi's consecutive victory which somehow become kind of so-so, coz people still shock with SR's announcement; and also Yuihan as the GM, she must be flustered (and maybe furious?) with this kind of announcement which can become an example for the younger girls in AKB to do it in the other occasion, and we would not want that certainly. Hell, it is a matter of love, okay.. nobody can forbid you to say if you are going to marry someone...but feel the room and atmosphere, please.. so I say you are right about her sin is not bigger than any others... but the consequences, is definitely hampering AKB's image.

Probably her action could damaged 48G's image, but it's only from fans' point of view. I think public who're not really into 48G mostly don't know about the Renai Kinshi Jourei don't even think of this as a scandal.

I'm a fan of Oshima Yuko, when she was still a member she was my Kami Oshi but her graduation announcement caused a bigger uproar than Riripon's. She announced it during Kohaku Uta Gassen which is a national event watched by almost all Japanese during NYE. Many people and other artists complained about that, because she stole all the attention when it's not even an 48G's exclusive event. I'd say she was disrespectful to other artists who were also performing that day. Ofc she's forever my oshi tho

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