AKB48 group Unit Janken Tournament 2017 PV


AKB48 group's annual event "Janken Tournament" will be held in Nippon Gaishi Hall on 24 September 2017. The promotional video has been revealed on official YouTube channel.


Actually this year Janken Tournament will be different than previous ones, the candidiates will be units instead of individual members, total 48 units participating the tournament, and the winner will release a CD.

1. AKB48 group member can form a unit the way they want, regardless of group and unit size
2. Members can decide the name for their own unit
3. One member unit will be regarded as solo unit
4. Every member can register 1 unit only

Note1: The member who announced graduation is not allowed to participate the Tournament
Note2: The Tournament is for member from AKB48/SKE48/NMB48/HKT48/NGT48/STU48

The limit for Unit Janken Tournament Preliminary Game

Solo Unit: 2 quota
2-members unit: 20 quota
3-members unit: 15 quota
4-members unit: 5 quota
5-members unit: 2 quota
6-members unit: 1 quota
7-members unit: 1 quota
8to15-members unit: 1 quota
16 or more members unit: 1 quota



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