Yokoyama Yui, Yamamoto Sayaka, Miyawaki Sakura form Unit for Janken Tournament


For AKB48 group upcoming event Janken Tournament, members need to form a unit for participating the game. AKB48 general director Yokoyama Yui announces she will team with sister group top members Yamamoto Sayaka and Miyawaki Sakura.

Original sources: Yokoyama Yui's Tweet:

Other confirmed units so far:

  • Ichikawa Miori (NMB48) + Murakawa Vivian (HKT48) + Takakura Moeka (NGT48)
  • Aber Maria (AKB48) + Iriyama Anna (AKB48)
  • Uno Mizuki (NMB48) + Hori Shion (NMB48)
  • Kitagawa Ryoha (SKE48) + Matsumoto Chikako (SKE48)
  • Minegishi Minami (AKB48) + Sashihara Rino (HKT48) Kashiwagi Yuki (AKB48)
  • Tani Marika (SKE48) + Sakaguchi Riko (HKT48) + Tomiyoshi Asuka (HKT48) + Komada Hiroka (HKT48)

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lol as much as I love the girl, having Saya-nee in your Janken team spells out a first or second-round loss

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too bad Mayuyu's graduating.It'll be more fun if she's teaming up with Yukirin.

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I LOVE this Team !
I support them until victory ! Yatta !

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basically my oshis in each group ganging up together heck yes!

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Maybe you should check your sources twice, or look more on press sites / official sites / SNS for confirmations.
Goto Moe will not go solo (wondering where you got this ?) She will compete for a duo spot with Iwahana Shino.


Thank you for info, I have revised the content



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