Nogizaka46 18th Single "nigemizu" MV


Nogizaka46 reveals their 18th single title song "nigemizu" music video on YouTube at 21 July 2017. This summer single MV is about 3rd generation members Ozono Momoko and Yoda Yuki cast 2 apprentice maids working in a weird family.


Reference: Nogizaka46 official site
  • Itami Mai (Shiraishi Mai), elder daughter of Itami Mai who insists breakfast should be Rice
  • Itami Nanase (Nishino Nanase), second daughter, who thinks breakfast should be Bread, tired of fighting every morning
  • Itami Matsu (Matsumura Sayuri) and Itami Iku (Ikuta Erika), they support Rice, or perhaps anything delicious
  • Itami Sakura (Sakurai Reika) and Itami Waka (Wakatsuki Yumi), they are Bread party
  • Itami Asuak (Saito Asuka), a senior maid who claims her fingers is broken
  • Itami Kazu (Takayakma Kazumi), she lives in her own world no one can understand, except Nanase
  • Itami Manatsu (Akimoto Manatsu), her dream is to perform in Japanese TV variety show, she practices in her room everyday, she is a Chinese.
  • Itami Miona (Hori Miona), though she is a Japanese, she thinks herself is a Chinese, karate stick is her favorite item 
  • Itami Koma (Ikoma Rina) and Itami Minami (Hoshino Minami), they thinks cleanliness and etiquette are important
  • Itami Sa (Eto Misa) and Itami Shinuchi (Shinuchi Mai), she is a tireless OL, and treat her room as her office, possessed
  • Itami Marika (Ito Marika) and Itami Sayuri (Inoue Sayuri), 2 strange girls always wander around the house, actually they are dance lovers. 

Nogizaka46 18th single "nigemizu" will be released on 9 August 2017. Pre-order on CDJapan:

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