Tanaka Miku Denies Dating Rumour


HKT48 member Tanaka Miku denied her dating rumors on 755, she is very unhappy and accuses the rumors against her without evidence, she clarifies she went out with Team K member Shimoguchi Hinana, and then met the manager for Sashihara Rina's TV show "Konya kurabete mimashita".

Some fans speculated Tanaka Miku may went out with someone related to HKT48 members, their speculation based on annoymous Instagram feeds and Tanaka Miku's schedule. 

Original sources: Tanaka Miku's 755



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It is not from annoymous Instagram feed, it is from Aanya's private Instagram, and Mikurin is dating with Abe Aran, he is Aanya's ex.

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