Nogizaka46 18th Single Line-up revealed! 3rd Gen to be W-CENTER


Nogizaka46's 18th single (TBA) line-up has been revealed in TV show Nogizaka Under Construction on 10 July 2017, their 3rd generation members Ozono Momoko and Yoda Yuki will serve as double center for the single.


Nogizaka46 18th single selection members:

Ito Marika
Shinuchi Mai
Ikoma Rina
Sakurai Reika
Wakatsuki Yumi
Inoue Sayuri
Hoshino Minami
Matsumura Sayuri
Ikuta Erika
Akimoto Manatsu
Eto Misa
Takayakma Kazumi
Saito Asuka
Shiraishi Mai
Ozono Momoko (Double Center)
Yoda Yuki (Double Center)
Nishino Nanase
Hori Miona

Pre-order Nogizaka46 18th single on CDJapan:

Ozono_Momoko  Yoda_Yuki  CD 


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looks to me like a hori extravaganza. when she became center pretty quickly

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Good. They are here, they are popular and Nogi is big enough so fans won't backlash like with Hori.
Though Hori was also insanely popular in the beginning before they ruined her with the center....So who knows :P

All that aside looking forward to the single. Bring it!

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glad the 3rd gen members get a chance in senbatsu!!

Yoda yuki

Happy for my girl yuki!!!
Sad about my girl Ikoma being at the back once again :(

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Management can't afford a single center in maiyan/naachan because wotas of both would kill each other lol so they rather have 3rd gen wcenter. If they succeed, good for nogizaka's future. If not, they got an excuse that momo/yoda are just rookies. Win-win.

Sad for Ikoma back in 3rd row :( and Ikuchan, Misa & Kazumin in 2nd row
Happy for Sayunyan & Marikka!

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I pity Momoko for absorbing all the hate that Yoda might have gotten from solo centering the single. 2ch now is like, "Yoda is the better center than crybaby Momoko", but if we would base it on ability, Momoko is clearly so much better. Yoda is fortunate to have Naachan (management) backing her. :(

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As expected from nogi. Dare enough to do a big change of center by picking 3rd gen rather than choosing one from the available candidate.

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