Akimoto Yasushi going to produce His New Kami 7: Last Idol


48 group and 46 series producer Akimoto Yasushi will produce new idol group for TV Asahi's idol competition show "Last Idol", the concept of the show aims to build a best idol group.

No matter professional idol or amateur can apply Last Idol within 14 to 26 years old, the show will select 7 winners out of 101 contestants, and 7 winner will form a group, and release their own CD, and participate general idol activities.

The contestants need to compete with each other, each episode will have a challenger who competes one of current winners, and her performance will determines if she can replace that winner.

The first audition has begun on 8 July 2017, first 7 members will be revealed by Mid August 2017, and the final winners will release CD by the end of year. 

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Produce 101 or maybe school idol?

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definitely some produce 101 vibes with a bit of "Sixteen" mixed in

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My friend would had audition for this in a heartbeat.... too bad she turned 27 8 days ago lol

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I would have loved a show like this but with both 48 and 46 group members competing to be in a 21 member senbatsu....It would makes tons of money which is what AKS cares about...It would give fans a chance too see interaction with members we would normally see together...This could even be a yearly thing like the SSK uggg why cant i work for Aki-P lol

When South Korea first started Produce 101, people accused them for stealing AKB48's concept. Now that Aki-p actually makes a survival show with 101 participants I wonder how Korean will respond to this?
This show will be a great publicity for the less popular idols (if they did participate) and I would love to see girls compete with each other to realise their dream. I bet Aki-p will choose (at least one) shy participant with a cute idol smile and hardworking personality, and don't forget - short hair.
I believe the show will be amazing tho, do public have a right to vote?

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