DMCA Abuse take-down AKB48 Daily Twitter a/c


Today I receive an email from Twitter that AKB48 Daily's official Twitter account has been suspended as the result of multiple copyright infringement notifications.



Your account has been suspended as the result of multiple copyright infringement notifications.

If you believe that the materials reported in the copyright notifications were misidentified or removed in error, you may be able to bring your account back into good standing by seeking retractions or sending us counter-notifications to the takedown requests you have received.

We cannot offer you advice on whether certain content is authorized for your use or not, nor can we advise on whether to request a retraction or submit a counter-notification. You should consult with your own legal counsel if you have questions about these processes. It is your responsibility to know Twitter’s policies as well as whether or not you have the right to post material via Twitter’s services.


The DMCA notice that you received includes the contact information of the reporter. You may want to reach out to the reporter and ask them to retract their DMCA notice against you. The reporter can send retractions to, and should include the following information: identification of the material which was disabled, and a statement that the reporter would like to retract their DMCA notice.


For information about how to submit a counter-notice, see our Copyright Policy at: Please be aware that a counter-notice is a request for Twitter to reinstate the removed material, and it has legal consequences. For example, submitting a counter-notice indicates that you consent to the jurisdiction of a U.S. Federal court and to the disclosure of your personal information to the reporter and Lumen website.



Those claims from where I have no idea and do not know what they claim for, for example:

The party "Ke Jepang Yuk, Inc" I can not imagine what connection they are related to AKB48 group, Saka 46 seies or any graduated members, and the claim do not even mention what they claim for.

I am very disappointed by DMCA Law and Twitter.


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