Oshima Yuko takes a break for Studying Abroad


According to Japanese newspaper "Daily Sports", former AKB48 member Oshima Yuko will take hiatus from her professional activities for a while for studying abroad.


Oshima Yuko announced her decision in her fans meeting in Sendai on 2 July 2017, though she did not reveal her schedule. Daily Sports also claims they have verified the news with Oshima Yuko's agency.  

Daily Sports
Nikkan Sports



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My personal remarks:

Though Oshima Yuko once said she wants to study aboard in USA and Europe. I don't think it makes sense in this period.

This year, her career is successful, she just got a ads for McDonald's, and people praise her acting in TV drama Tokyo Tarareba Girls. I don't think it is a good decision, if it is just because of study abroad.

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Maybe she wants to study in a dramatic art school in Europe or USA to improve her skills. When you want to guet better, sometimes, you needs to learn new things, discover new horizon.
Yuko, come to France : we have very good dramatic art school !

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Your translation is 100% wrong and/or clickbait. It's said in the original article that she's taking a break to travel, and she's only "expressed interest in studying abroad in the past, through SNS"
How hard is it to use google translate ?

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