44-years-old man arrested for stalking HKT48 member


Fukuoka South prefectural police arrested a 44-years-old man (Yoshio Nitta) on 25 June 2017 for suspicion of violating the anti-stalker law, he is under suspicion of stalking an 18-year-old member of HKT48.

From 29 May 29 22 June 2017 the suspect allegedly exhibited behaviors reminiscent of a stalker, such as driving a vehicle slowly around the member's residence. The member's mother claimed to have witnessed the suspect take a garbage bag from the residence on May 29, which prompted them to call the police.

The suspect had allegedly been participating in HKT48 handshake events for 3 years. The members claims she has seen the suspect at a nearby train station multiple times. Moreover, according to TBS News report, the suspect may pursued other HKT48 members and knows her address.


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