Murashige Anna's Selection to feature c/w song in HKT48 New Single


HKT48 member Murashige Anna shared her favorite selection members on her SHOWROOM a few days ago, and her line-up arouse AKB48 group producer Akimoto Yasushi's interest, he said he will produce a c/w song with this line-up in HKT48 new single.

Original sources: Akimoto Yasuhi's 755


not for the 10th single

I dont have a trusted source, but Aki-P didnt say it will be in the 10th single. May be It will be in the 11th single. because it is too late to plan for another coupling song so suddenly.

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Thank you very much, yes, you are right.
It is not confirmed the song will be in 10th single, the content is revised.

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See some underexposed faces in there. You done good, Murashige :)

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This is a good opportunity for Shige to rebound & get some spotlight

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I'm sure Aki-p loves boss very much

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Welcome back Chiyori and you just won Kimi, Dare!

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