How Keyakizaka46 flare incident Suspect pass the metal detector?


A man ignited a flare and throw to members' lane at Keyakizaka46 handshake event on 24 June 2017, Japanese media explains how the suspect passed through security check.

According to Japanese newspaper Sports Hochi, the suspect gave his baggage (contained knife and flare) to lost and found counter before entrance, which could make him able to pass the security check, after stepping into venue, he asked the staff to take back his baggage.

Abe Ryohei, age24, threw an ignited flare in Keyakizaka46's handshake event which was held in Makuhari Messe, Chiba on 24 June 2017, he threw it in handshake lane while he was lining up members Hirate Yurina and Kakizaki Memi's lane (Lane 1), he was arrested by the staff and delivered to police.

Original sources: Sports Hochi




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