A Man Throw Flare in Keyakizaka46 Handshake Event


A man threw a burning road flare in Keyakizaka46's handshake event which was held in Makuhari Messe, Chiba on 24 June 2017, he threw it in handshake lane while he was lining up members Hirate Yurina and Kakizaki Memi's lane (Lane 1), he was arrested by the staff and delivered to police.



According to Chiba Nishi Police's report, the suspect was carrying a knife, he will be charged violating Firearms and Swords Control Act, and he wants to kill a female idol. The Police is investigating how the suspect passed the metal detector.

The suspect's name is Abe Ryohei (阿部凌平), 24 years old male, unemployed.

At 25 June 2017's hanke event, though it is held as schedule, all people is required to possess a handshake ticket in order to gain admittance to the venue. 

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What a way to ruin the fun. Apparently he had a knife(dunno what type) does anyone if that's true?

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^ yeah he had a paring knife

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What a loser, I hope both Techi and Memi are OK. They really need to be very careful now, and security needs to tighten.

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