AKB48 to establish Overseas Account for International fans


AKB48 official web site announces AKB48 group will extend their services to their International fans, in their member account and ticket center (AKB48 group's LIVE, event and concert), the group's web sites will have multi language supports, the services will start at 27 June 2017.

Note: Super Long Distance services will be cancelled.

Original sources: AKB48 official site



I am wondering if this will work or if they will just mess everything up. I mean it is about time that they solve this problem it is as trying to register on their website means you need a Japanese address and living in a country different from Japan means you can't do it unless you lie (which I don't do).

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? Unknown, I don't get your meaning, I think this move is gonna solve it. (Given AKS does the right procedure)

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The mysterious Super Enpou makes it return? The end is near,

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You don't have to lie when registering, because the data they need is just a japanese address where you can receive the handshake tickets, not the actual place you live or sleep.

Putting the proxy address is not "lying", it's just one way you can go to concerts or handshake events, as I and many int'l fans already have done.

Santiago, Chile

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So... what does this mean for us?

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means nothing when mayuyu is already leaving...

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I'd love to think that this will be well thought out and work really well, and not just be for 'international fans' with names written in Kanji, Japanese credit cards, Japanese bank accounts, Japanese addresses and Japanese phone numbers on Japanese cells running Japanese apps, who can speak Japanese and obtain tickets in person, in Japan, weeks or months before an event, to comply with biometric security - the usual Jpop industry alternative to the 'Japanese only' sign.

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