Suto Ririka determines to Graduate


According to NMB48 official blog, NMB48 Theater manager Kaneko Takeshi announces their member Suto Ririka indicates her intention to graduate from the group, but she does not yet confirm the date. Kaneko Takeshi, as a manager, will support her until her last activities day.

Original sources: NMB48 official blog



What a disgrace

I dont care what all of you say but you, suto ririka are a f*cking disgrace


^ Calm down, lol.

I'm proud of her. Screw the love ban.

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I don't know why she did it, but I feel sorry for her. She gonna collect so many hatred. What she did was an ugly thing. She has no respect for her parnerts.

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I'm proud of Ririka... she did something which idols are scared to say it to the public

it's sad that she have to go

I'm afraid she did it all wrong!
She should have respected all the other girls and announced her graduation, leave and then get married.
What she did was disrespectfully slap everyone in the face. Not good. Not good at all.
I used to like her a lot and thought she was clever and astute, but now I just think she's just insensitive and selfish.
I hope she hasn't damaged AKB.

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i say it's normal.
people do fall in love.
i prefer honest person who said i in love and want to quit job
rather than being disgrace with scandal news.

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I don't care much about the love ban either way but this girl is a flat out moron. All the talk about how she never considered herself an idol when her job was a member of NMB48? Not a very bright bulb. She doesn't even have it together enough to realize what a giant raised middle finger this announcement was to her fans. I'm glad to hear she is leaving so someone who might appreciate being in the group can have her place.

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Rumor is that the guy isn't as serious as marriage about her.
I'm sure we've all fallen hard enough for someone that we went a little stupid when we were pups and it looks like she's smack dab in the middle of that now. A little late but hey, can't say I don't know how she feels.
When her hormones settle in 5 years, she'll look back and facepalm herself :/

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I can't see how everyone is bad mouthing about Ririka's marriage as if she did something wrong! There are plenty of former members that had scandal or talk shit about not really want to be idols just using AKB for their frame to get into better companies to become models or actress but you all worship those type of idols without a problem

Yes, it was a bit selfish of her but she made the Senbatsu Election more interesting. And I'm proud of her for saying it to the public rather than keeping it shush shush like other idols

screw this

1. She is disrespectful to other members, moreover, her statement is insulting the idol world itself.. if someone become an idol, means that she is ready to become a motivation to every fans, not to let them down so suddenly. I know, love is a normal thing, and its every person's right to get married. But please feel the room, care about the moment. What she said is ruining the sacred intention of marriage itself, to say it in such a non-related event. So egoist, the event is not about her alone, yet she said it so carefree. Definitely it is a shame in the idol industry, that there are such an egoist idol. Genius? hah. Sorry for her oshi, but this girl is really out of her mind. Screw her.

2. What's worse, it made Sasshi's achievement and Mayuyu (supposed to be very sad) graduation announcement to lose the ambiance. Even mayuyu has that expression when this stupid girl said the crap. Can she just announced it in other event? Like i mean, a better, more special event for her or NMB? Poor those AKB SKE HKT NGT and STU girls, to watch something they did not deserved to be involved with, from someone they did not even know closely.

3. I say, just stop all the news and update, and even a slight event about her. Is she want the public to be sad? To miss her? To beg her not to graduate? Ergh, makes me sick. If she want attention? Well, she wont get it. At least from me. I'm outta here. Became an oshi and following every development of 48 groups should give you happiness, not anger, yet she screw all that in a simple sentence in a single night. I hope she know the consequences.

All of you in the comments.. You take this group way too seriously.

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I'm fine with marriage. But, I hope she needs to graduate from the group first instead of announcing his marriage in sousenkyo. Well, now she wants to graduate so it does not matter to me.

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the real problem is how NMB48 fans going to accept this fate.Team leader Sayaka works so hard to keep this group since Nana and Miyuki already graduated a long time.

Would all of you be upset if some other celebrities announce their marriage ? Or is it just because there's a love ban ? Anyway I won't say that what she did was right but she has the guts to say it and screw those so-called "fans" who are harsh to her. Is she your toy ? Nah she is human first and she can do what she wants respect or not. That's what disappointed me with their idols rules.

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it's not 'way too seriously' bro... it's about people's feelings. the other member's feelings, and our feelings as fan. anyone should not toy with feelings.



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