Sashihara Rino talks about General Election and Suto Ririka


AKB48 2017 General Election CENTER Sashihara Rino talks about General Election, she said she will not participate General Election anymore, and she will recommend the management not holding outdoor event, and she also talk about NMB48 member Suto Ririka's controversial engagement announcement.

Sashihara Rino said she feel sorry about Suto Ririka's fans, moreover Sashihara Rino hopes Suto Ririka is better to be an idol while she stands on stage to the public. But, she emphasizes she will not comment until Suto Ririka telling the details in press conference.

As upcoming 49th single CENTER, Sashihara Rino thinks recent AKB48 songs are not idol style, she asked Akimoto Yasushi will write a good song for her this time.

Note: When Suto Ririka made her engagement announcement, she kepts saying she loves her fans as a normal person.

Original sources: Tokyo Sports

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she has no right to comment about suto.. she even worse than suto

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cool down, mate..

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...or maybe as punishment, management will send Ririka on an almost impossible mission: go the U.S. to form USA48 and make it big like Sasshi did for HKT.

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In 2012 I also felt sorry for Rino fans

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