Members' General Election Promises


The final results of AKB48 General Election were out last night, many members may satisified their rankings, and some members promised their fans for doing something interesting to return to their fans if the ranking meet their target, below are their promises, let's look forward to them. 

Sashihara Rino (Target: 1st/1st): to hold 2nd Sashihara Festivial
Ogino Yuka (Target: 5th/33rd): A no-draw-back-no-matter-what project
Yokoyama Yui (Target: 7th/7th): Two-shots with all selection members
Souda Sarina (Target: 8th/16th): to hold first fans meeting
Shiroma Miru: (Target: 12th/16th): to hold a LIVE drawing fans face
Homma Hinata: (Target: 13th/80th): to perform ballot live-streaming
Nakai Rika: (Target: 23rd/24th): to hold a 24-hours SHOWROOM LIVE
Takakura Moeka (Target: 25th/80th): to play piano
Tanaka Miku (Target: 28th/32nd): to visit all village of Kumamoto
Moriyasu Madoka (Target: 31st/33rd): Dinner show on SHOWROOM LIVE
Fukuoka Seina (Target: 32nd/32nd): 32km Marathon
Kato Yuuka (Target: 33rd/49th): to perform Guitar on SHOWROOM LIVE
Murase Sae (Target: 39th/49th): to open a SHOWROOM LIVE, dressed in pajama, to make-up, and change clothes
Nishigata Marina (Target: 41st/80th): to change hair colour
Kamata Natsuki (Target: 44th/69th): to reveal her personal photo of graduation album
Kubo Satone (Target: 47th/65th): to make an illustration book, and read it before fans
Tanaka Natsumi (Target: 50th/65th): to participate fans' celebrating party (with manager)
Muto Orin (Target: 55th/80th): to sing Karaoke LIVE with her sister Muto Tomu
Ota Nao (Target: 65th/80th): to be one-day Kyoto Toyota staff
Miyajima Aya (Target: 70th/80th): to do different cosplay
Kado Yuria (Target: 77th/80th): to update her photo blog/mail blog according to her ranking
Takahata Yuki (Target: 78th/80th): to make an udon menu for SKE48 cafe, and work in SKE48 cafe and distribute her DIY namecard
Toyonaga Aki (Target: 79th/80th): to visit all places of 47 Prefectures with "A"
Matsuoka Hana (Target: 80th/80th): 80 return


No Lemon / No Life

If only Ichikawa had ranked 38th then she would have become a lemon to float on hot tea.

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