Miyawaki Sakura looks forward to Next General Election


HKT48 member Miyawaki Sakura gets the 4th place in AKB48 General Election. She updated her Google+ and she thanks her fans' support, and said she will keep going on next General Election.

Miyawaki Sakura's targets were get no. 1 in General Election preliminary results and no. 2 in final results, but all failed, and she once implied it was her last chance and she may not participate next year's General Election.



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She never implied it was her last chance, but her last chance to stand next to Sasshi (as it was her last election)

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Are you sure?
Please... do your homework

"When i write something, I sign my name" by Sam Seaborn (West Wing)

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So do the rest of the fans. But I get the feeling Jurina will be first next year, unless all those crazy Sasshi wotas will vote for her, just because she is an HKT girl? But then again, Sakura is no Sasshi.

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