Watanabe Mayu announces Graduation


AKB48 Team B member Watanabe Mayu announced her graduation from AKB48, she made the graduation announcement during General Election on 17 June 2017.




Watanabe Mayu is one of AKB48 top members, and the last members of original Kami 7 (1st Generation Top 7 members), the CENTER of AKB48 General Election 2014. Moreover, she is also an independent singer/voice acress/actress/fashion model, she has released 5 solo single, and 5 solo photobooks.




I can't believe it...the time has come for this...

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And with no fans in the audience :/

Sasshi should also graduate imho. The sousenkyo is getting boring when she is unbeatable.

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oh no NO!! NOOO!!!

Anyone else think their done with AKB?

I'm still trying to cope with Nyanyan's graduations and now this?...
BTW, i thought she had only released 3 photobooks not 5? Where can i get the other 2?

The Time is right

Honestly. it was about time, I love AKB48 but the group it was now too small for Mayu, she is in a different level now and the group is not enough for her anymore,this is necessary for her to fly even more higher

I agree that Sashihara should be graduating too, because there are so much more talent in the group that cannot grow more because of her, she is good as a Variety Shows so she can follow that line

It is time for the new AKB48 Generation to take over

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I was hoping Mayuyu would stay until she was 26....... but this.... I'm speechless

Good luck

The moment was good to annonce graduation, but she deserved more than a formal audience of akb48 group member. What about the fan ?
Mayuyu is not my oshii but I really appreciate her.
I wish her the best for the futur but I am a bit worried about her : very few Idol succeed in the entertainment industry after graduation.
If you check the destiny of the old member, it seems that only Acchan, Yuko, Sayaka, Mariko, Takamina, Paruru are working till now...


waiting for mayuyu graduation song.

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I'm pretty sure now the fresh group might take over the seniors of the 48G

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