Sutou Ririka makes Shocking Surprise Engagement Announcement


To everybody’s surprise, NMB48 Team N member Sutou Ririka made an engagement announcement and said she will get married soon, she made the announcement during her General Election's speech on 17 June 2017.

After the speech, Sutou Ririka (and Ota Yuuri) appeared in Kashiwagi Yuki's General Election SHOWROOM SP, she said she will explain the details at 18 June 2017.





On the other hand, according to Japanese tabloid Shukan Bunshun, Sutou Ririka may have a boyfriend who is working in medical related industry.


Sutou Ririka joined NMB48 through AKB48 Group Draft Kaigi in 2013, and was officially promoted to Team N in 2014, she was appointed to be CENTER of NMB48 12th single in 2015, she published her book in 2016, she also has her own TV show.





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Oh calm down, she's obviously trolling lol

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engagement? like going to get married engagement? if so, cool

U sure man? Seems pretty serious for me tho..

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Riripon's a smart girl, she probably said it to get people to watch her on the 18th. She wouldn't purposely cause NMB's (and possibly the 48 group's) biggest scandal to date.

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Okay I just read the updated article. There were better ways to do this Ririka >.>

Well.. lets wait for tomorrow then

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Mayu's face: "Bitch why you stealing my thunder" :D
What a shocker.

This Sousenkyo was entertainment max.

Re: Love ban

First of all, I don't know if Ririka has better way to solve the problem, nor if she does it for protecting NMB48. However Sayanee seems upset in showroom live, and Yuko seems upset too and upload a video.

I feel very sorry if Ririka graduated from the group or quits the show biz, she is a talent and courageous girls.

On the other hand, I feel sorry about Mayuyu and Sasshi, her action ruins General Election, and Mayuyu's graduation.

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2 theories
1: advertising for some drama she's been cast in
2: wedding dress for showroom


(I don't know why this comment is hidden, maybe a bug, anyway I post it for you)

From what I understood, she heavily implied that it was an arranged marriage thing. She said she hadn't met the man she is going to marry yet... which would not line up with the supposed rumors of her having a boyfriend. (I would rather she have a boyfriend than

she just marry some complete stranger for money though.)

On the other hand, it could turn out that this whole thing is a giant ploy for some TV show. Like Ogawasara Mayu has been doing a TV show about getting married ever since she graduated.

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Okay, I finally got around to watching it.
Ririka had her troll face on for most of the speech so I think it'll be fine.

But a real marriage theory just for fun:
1: Ririka previously said that her family pretty much went from riches to rags, so maybe her family set her up with some rich guy to get em back on their feet =D

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Well... idk if she really is trolling.. i mean, a lot of people are upset about this. Even yuko (and takamina?) was against it (check her social media). She must know that if this is the last SSK for some senpais, shouldn't she gave a respect? Like some comment above, to steal several persons' thunder is really reckless. Lol.

Buuut, if she really get married, well...damn.. more and more bigger scandals are coming..

Out of topic: did anybody heard about tano yuka's scandal? Is it true? Or another s.bunshun rubbish?

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I am quite sure she is trolling, or she will participate a TV wedding show like "Bachelor Japan" or some kind of subtle advertise of new 48G mobile app about dating, but definetly not what she impling. She more smarter than that. BTW she didn't say about graduation, but we all know if she really getting married = graduation.

Re: Tano Yuka @ Bunshun

For Tano Yuka, she denied it. come on, it is just dine out with a male friend

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There's a theory that some papers teased that they had some pics of Ririka and she chose to preemptively announce it (they released pictures of a takoyaki and durian?).

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if it is a joke, it is a very bad joke. it made a lot members and fans mad, even some fans want their voting money refunded. joke went over like a lead balloon. if joke, would nmb48/akb48 take her back ?
if real, arranged marriage ? when did she date and get boyfriend ? wouldn't someone found out earlier.
if arranged marriage, I sorry
if she did find her soulmate, then I happy for her. and sad she no longer a idol and in nmb48.
but real or trolling/joke, wow. I did not see anyone happy for her announcement. if real, wow, many jump up and fall, laughing so hard. others shock and mad

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Okay, seeing as how there was no explanation yesterday like she said there would be (which we can take as the higher ups needing more time to figure out what to do), I think I have to accept that it's as bad as it looks.
Dang it, Ririka. You were the chosen one. You were supposed to bring balance to NMB, not lead it to darkness ;-;
This is a huge kick in the nuts for all the people who brought her to 20th place. If it had to happen, it would've been best if she didn't enter the running this year, but I guess the pictures were taken after she registered.

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I just read Sayanee's blog, Riripon has not yet talked to her. I think she is still discussing with management, some Japanese media claims the agency knew it in advance, and approved her announcement.

confused and furious

this has gone too far, amidst the confusion, she vanished like she never said something so intriguing.. fans, other member, even maybe "her boyfriend" deserved explanation.. management's decision to halt all action is not solving anything, what everybody need now is clear clarification from herself; not some "official statement from NMB48".

Still, it cannot save a lot of people's feelings who flipped the table and decided not to support her anymore.

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