AKB48 General Election 2017 Final Results


The 9th AKB48 General Election was held in Okinawa on 17 June 2017, the event determined the line-up of AKB48 49th single which will be released on 30 August 2017, and the finals results as followings:



Upcoming Girls

80. Matsuoka Hana (松岡はな) 15,396 votes
79. Toyonaga Aki (豊永阿紀) 15,598 votes
78. Takahata Yuki (髙畑結希) 15,804 votes
77. Kado Yuria (角ゆりあ) 15,990 votes
76. Goto Moe (後藤萌咲) 16,097 votes
75. Omori Miyuu (大森美優) 16,162 votes
74. Mogi Shinobu (茂木忍) 16,393 votes
73. Hiwatashi Yui (樋渡結依) 16,492 votes
72. Obata Yuna (小畑優奈) 16,511 votes
71. Kato Minami (加藤美南) 16,641 votes
70. Miyajima Aya (宮島亜弥) 16,930 votes
69. Sakaguchi Nagisa (坂口渚沙) 17,303 votes
68. Sato Sumire (佐藤すみれ) 17,320 votes
67. Nagano Serika (永野芹佳) 17,662 votes
66. Tani Marika (谷真理佳) 17,744 votes
65. Ota Nao (太田奈緒) 17,757 votes


Future Girls

64. Kitagawa Ryoha (北川綾巴) 18,052 votes
63. Kumazaki Haruka (熊崎晴香) 18,299 votes
62. Motomura Aoi (本村碧唯) 18,363 votes
61. Ichikawa Miori (市川美織) 18,814 votes
60. Shibuya Nagisa (渋谷凪咲) 19,263 votes
59. Matsuoka Natsumi (松岡菜摘) 19,372 votes
58. Arai Yuki (荒井優希) 19,467 votes
57. Tanigawa Airi (谷川愛梨) 19,752 votes
56. Takeuchi Saki (竹内彩姫) 19,919 votes
55. Muto Orin (武藤小麟) 20,356 votes
54. Ueki Nao (植木南央) 20,640 votes
53. Yamaguchi Maho (山口真帆) 20,888 votes
52. Komiyama Haruka (込山榛香) 20,910 votes
51. Oguri Yui (小栗有以) 21,296 votes
50. Tanaka Natsumi (田中菜津美) 21,472 votes
49. Sakaguchi Riko (坂口理子) 21,643 votes


Next Girls

48. Okita Ayaka (沖田彩華) 22,264 votes
47. Kubo Satone (久保怜音) 22,895 votes
46. Goto Rara (後藤楽々) 23,225 votes
45. Taniguchi Megu (谷口めぐ) 23,304 votes
44. Kamata Natsuki (鎌田菜月) 24,108 votes
43. Sasaki Yukari (佐々木優佳里) 24,276 votes
42. Iwatate Saho (岩立沙穂) 24,303 votes
41. Nishigata Marina (西潟茉莉奈) 24,401 votes
40. Tashima Meru (田島芽瑠) 24,458 votes
39. Murase Sae (村瀬紗英) 24,585 votes
38. Tomiyoshi Asuka (冨吉明日香) 24,996 votes
37. Yabuki Nako (矢吹奈子) 25,364 votes
36. Ego Yuna (江籠裕奈) 25,731 votes
35. Tomonaga Mio (朝長美桜) 25,733 votes
34. Fuchigami Mai (渕上舞) 25,900 votes
33. Kato Yuuka (加藤夕夏) 25,988 votes



32. Fukuoka Seina (福岡聖菜) 26,444 votes
31. Moriyasu Madoka (森保まどか) 27,384 votes
30. Kuranoo Narumi (倉野尾成美) 28,037 votes
29. Kawamoto Saya (川本紗矢) 28,118 votes
28. Tanaka Miku (田中美久) 28,355 votes
27. Ota Yuuri (太田夢莉) 28,457 votes
26. Oba Mina (大場美奈) 28,554 votes
25. Takakura Moeka (高倉萌香) 28,623 votes
24. Kojima Mako (小嶋真子) 29,699 votes
23. Nakai Rika (中井りか) 29,953 votes
22. Oya Masana (大矢真那) 30,236 votes
21. Kato Rena (加藤玲奈) 30,282 votes
20. Sutou Ririka (須藤凜々花) 31,779 votes
19. Minegishi Minami (峯岸みなみ) 34,688 votes
18. Matsumura Kaori (松村香織) 34,977 votes
17. Mukaichi Mion (向井地美音) 35,201 votes


Selection members

16. Yoshida Akari (吉田朱里) 35,540 votes
15. Takayanagi Akane (高柳明音) 38,576 votes
14. Furuhata Nao (古畑奈和) 40,202 votes
13. Homma Hinata (本間日陽) 41,230 votes
12. Shiroma Miru (白間美瑠) 41,491 votes
11. Takahashi Juri (高橋朱里) 42,663 votes
10. Kitahara Rie (北原里英) 45,684 votes
09. Okada Nana (岡田奈々) 48,143
08. Souda Sarina (惣田紗莉渚) 52,475


07. Yokoyama Yui (横山由依) 58,314 votes
06. Suda Akari (須田亜香里) 63,124 votes
05. Ogino Yuka (荻野由佳) 73,368 votes
04. Miyawaki Sakura (宮脇咲良) 82,803 votes
03. Matsui Jurina (松井珠理奈) 113,615 votes
02. Watanabe Mayu (渡辺麻友) 149,132 votes


01. Sashihara Rino (指原莉乃) 246,376 votes


This year, HKT48/STU48 member Sashihara Rino won AKB48 General Election again with 246,376 votes, she will be the CENTER of AKB48 49th single, the single will be released on 30 August 2017.

Pre-order 49th single on CDJapan:


No title

The top 3 was disappointing. I was hoping for some changes at least. The senbatsu overall is really exciting though.

I want to cry for mayuyu.. she deserves more...but man.. sasshi 200k plus votes seem too hard to beat.

This is the end... maybe...

Once again Sasshi.... and Mayu now will graduate...
Is it the beginning of the end of AKB48 ?

I can imagine the next to graduate this year will be Yukirin and Sayanee...

No title

Sashi's vote count is an incredible barrier for any members to compete against.

True man.. since last year i've been wondering, where did that votes came from.. maybe some Middle East Oil Billionaire? Or even Lord Gaben?

No title

Freak I just noticed Showroom's #1 Onishi Momoka didn't get in :o NOOOOOOO

No title

Ikumin didn't get in either :|
My 8's...

No title

Sasshi has fans, get over it. It isn't all because her fans are all rich. She has the widest appeal of the top members simple as that.

No title

despite the top 3 i like the new senbatsu! disappointed miichan is still in undergirls and ranked down 2 spots. at least sasshi won't be participating next year, so hopefully next year's election will be better!

middle East fan

I'm from middle East and here mayuyuu and jurina pupuolr and lovelyes more than Sashi ... but it's true maybe someone billionaire vote for Sashi or maybe she really have many fans ;) anyway congratulations for her and I'm so sad for mayuyuu 💔 this is the end of the legends story

No title

damn. i forgot tomu didn't run. even if she advanced in rank, nothing would be given to her anyway. i guess it's fine.


I'm sad Mii-Chan went down two ranks , i was hoping this would be the year she made to sebastu (i hope i spelled that right) and did she say this was her last year running or was that last year when she said that?

No title

A little suspicious of the vote totals. Nearly 100,000 more votes for Sashi than Mayuyu? Something strange here.

lets move on

margin near 100,000 votes is a lot of ¥ in total..(well, there are another way to vote, but CD is the easiest and common way right). So, even if she has the widest appeal, and the massive media coverage because of her talent, i hope she stick to the promise that she wont run for SSK next year (not like miichan.. poor miichan..), coz i think that she has prove a point, and i believe that people are getting tired of this.. i dont hate sasshi or any member, but its time to move on to the next gen members (and management should think about this seriously, not just some half-ass push). Ogino's achievement shows that there are people out there who wants to move forward and break the stagnant domination of the big 3. Well, mayu and sasshi wont follow SSK anymore. So, Jurina and Miyawaki? i hope it will more interesting than that next year. Peace.

No title

Because Sasshi takes a back spot on hkt singles these are really her only centers and she earns them nobody should complain. The other top 3 both have center singles given to them with Jurina having posiibly the most of any member of any group in akb history.

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