AKB48 decides to cancel 2017 General Election


AKB48 official web site announces they have make the decision to cancel their 49th single selection election vote counting event and the related AKB48 group concerts which are scheduled to be held in Chura Sun Beach, Okinawa on 17 June 2017.

AKS explains it is because the weather condition is not suitable for the outdoor event, according to 17/6 weather forecast, the precipitation rate will be 80% and it will come thunderstorm.

The management also announces they will compensate to fans, the solutions including, for afternoon concert, fans will get 98/100 ticket, on the other hand, for vote counting event ticket, fans will have free theater LIVE instead.

Note: AKS does not announces what is the new arrangement for TV LIVE-Streaming.

Original sources: AKB48 official site

AKS's announcement:

"Regarding the AKB48 49th Single Senbatsu Election and AKB48 Group Concerts which are scheduled to take place on 17 June 2017, Saturday, at Okinawa Toyosaki Chura SUN Beach. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency's weather forecast at 5AM on 16 June 2017, Friday, Tomigusuku, Okinawa will have “extremely strong rain with thunder from midday to evening” with an 80% chance of rain on 17 June 2017.

There will be an extremely high chance of a “thunder warning” to be announced on the day of the event, in addition to strong rain. In which case, considering past experiences of holding outdoor events and making everyone’s safety our 1st priority, we have no choice but to cancel the event.

It is because the above circumstances and for prioritizing everyone’s safety that we have come to make that difficult decision. We are currently making arrangements for the AKB48 49th Single Senbatsu Election to be aired on TV as scheduled.

We also feel regret arriving to this action, considering that many fans who have been looking forward to this event, so we hope for your kind understanding that this decision has been made with everyone’s safety as our first priority."


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