Why AKS chose Okinawa as 2017 General Election Venue?


AKS picks Okinawa as their 2017 General Election Venue, and decides to setup an outdoor stage on Chura Sun Beach, this idea is a bit crazy, Okinawa is an island, the operation and transport cost are high, and weather factor are too unstable, according to ITMedia, this is because Okinawa local government and FamilyMart provide a vast resources for the event.

  1. FamilyMart wants to make some noise for their 30th Anniversity
  2. FamilyMart invited Team K LIVE for their 25th Anniversity in 2012, it was very successful.
  3. FamilyMart thinks AKB48 General Election will be good option for their long-term investment
  4. For upcoming Olympic Game, many venues are closed, it is very difficult to hold General Election at Tokyo
  5. AKS wants to make something different for fans, they think Okinawa is an excellent venue. 
  6. AKS feels satisified for Okinawa's local government and parties' fast response and support.
  7. Okinawa, Naba city and Tomigusuku city's local government provide transport support and promotion resources.
  8. Local government wants their artificial bearch Toyosaki Chura sun beach as tourist attraction.

Original sources: ITMedia


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9. a smaller venue to prevent having a big venue and not being able to sell all seats.

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