AKB48 may cancel General Election for Bad Weather


A record-breaking heavy rain hits Okinawa, for safety, AKS announces they are negotiating with local related parties, and the 9th AKB48 General Election and the AKB48 group concerts may not allow on-site audience watching, if the condition is not safe. 

AKB48's upcoming event "AKB48 General Election" will be held in Chura SUN Beach. However Chura SUN Beach is an outdoor venue, and the weather forecast it may come heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong wind, though the stage has been setup, the management AKS warning the fans that weather conditions may not be safe, and not allowed for on-site watching. AKS will make the decision on 16 June 2017 morning.


AKS official blog

AKB48 Theater Manager Hosoi Takahiro's Tweet


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