Matsui Rena to appear in Anton Chekhov Stage Play


Former SKE48 member Matsui Rena will appear in stage play "24 banchi no sakura no sono", the stage play is adapted from Russian playwright a Anton Chekhov's comedy "The Cherry Orchard".

An aristocratic Russian landowner Madame Lyubov Andreievna Ranevskaya returns to her family estate which includes a large and well-known cherry orchard just before it is auctioned to pay the mortgage. Unresponsive to offers to save the estate, she allows its sale to the son of a former serf; the family leaves to the sound of the cherry orchard being cut down.

Matsui Rena will play the role "Anya" who is Madame Lyubov's daughter, a virtuous and strong young girl who journeys to Paris to rescue her mother from her desperate situation. The stage play "24 banchi no sakura no sono" will be on Bunkamura Theatre Cocoon from 9 to 28 November 2017.



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Glad to see Rena-chan doing what she loves!

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