Inoue Yuriya announces Graduation


HKT48 Team H member Inoue Yuriya announced her graduation from the group, she made the announcement during LIVE performance on 11 April 2017.

Inoue Yuriya explained to fans that she makes this decision, because she has to make preparation for going to university.

Inoue Yuriya is HKT48's 2nd generation member, she joined HKT48 in 2012, and promoted to Team H in 2014 HKT48 Team Shuffle, she is one of fans' favorite member, her last General Election ranking was 48th place (20,643 votes).

Note: Inoue Yuriya does not participate upcoming AKB48 group General Election.



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no no no this is too soon T.T

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Why do all good things come to an end? ;__;

not you...

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Wow, my intuition... I just knew if I went on here today I was going to see a shock graduation... Yuriya is my 2nd oshi, I am so effing sad... What is happening?? So many graduations from great girls of all ages and status who many haven't even reached their prime...

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