Top 10 Most Underrated AKB48 members (by Derek Vasconi)


AKB48 group have over 300 members, however only few of them are stars of the group, and lost of talented members are often ignored. My friend Derek Vasconi picks his TOP 10 Most Underrated AKB48 group members.

Quote from Derek Vasconi:

"AKB48 is crowded affair these days, and the chance to be overlooked becomes greater and greater as AKB48 continues to expand, ironically. However, if you look really hard, you'll see some very real diamonds in the rough. This list represents those girls in AKB who have an incredible luster to them, despite being underrated."

To read full article, please visit Derek Vasoni's blog -  Top Ten Most Underrated AKB48 members



super interesting as ever. how he describe bad feeling for his tani marika was very funny. same for me how saeppi doesn't get what she's deserved when she is the most beautiful girl in the world

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