Kawaei Rina cast in Frankenstein no Koi


Former AKB48 member Kawaei Rina will appear in NTV drama "Frankenstein no Koi", it will be aired in April 2017.

The drama which is based on an original script by Oomori Sumio, the story is about a monster (casted by Ayano Go) was created from an incident that took place 100 years ago. Though he has an appearance similar to human beings, he possesses super physical ability and can live forever. One day, he meets a young woman (casted by Nikaidou Fumi). He falls in love with her.

Official site: http://www.ntv.co.jp/frankenstein_koi/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/franken_koi
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/franken_koi/

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